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About Us

Rain Bird is quickly developing a reputation as a leading global filtration company.  It focuses on the self-cleaning and manual filtration markets while providing professional filtration support.

Rain Bird is a one stop filtration solution, with research & development and custom system design capabilities.  All Rain Bird products are manufactured to stringent quality standards while integrating advanced filtration technologies and product resources. Rain Bird utilizes world leading filtration technologies, designed to help our customers maintain a technological advantage and obtain a profitable Return on Investment. Rain Bird's reputation for high performance filtration products and custom capabilities repeatedly wins our customers' satisfaction.

Rain Bird  filtration products are used in industries such as petro-chemical, water treatment, pulp and paper, chemical, automotive, food and beverage, metal working, etc. by many leading companies.

Selecting the Rain Bird brand means selecting a trustworthy partner for your long-term filtration needs, while receiving the highest quality filtration products and service available.