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Technical Specifications & Manuals

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For Rain Bird filtration products replacement parts:
Rain Bird Irrigation Filtration Parts List
2015 I Series, G Series & E-Series Parts List

Rain Bird Filters & Filtration Solutions

Click a link below to download detailed technical specs for Rain Bird's Filters and Filtration solutions:

Rain Bird Industrial Water Filtration System Specification

Automatic Screen Filters

IME+ Series (Horizontal Electric Suction Scanning) 

E-Plus Series Written Specifications - MasterFormat, Proprietary

IMI+ Series (Horizontal Hydraulic Suction Scanning) 

I-Plus Series Written Specifications - MasterFormat, Proprietary

IMG+ Series (Horizontal Hydraulic Suction Scanning) 

IMF Series (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) 

V-Series (Vertical Low Flow Hydraulic)

Automatic Screen Filters with UV Disinfection

IME-7000UV (Horizontal Suction Scanning with UV)

Automatic Disc Filters

HDF 1x2

HDF Series-2

HDF Series-4

Sand Separators

IMS Series (Sand Separators)

Industrial Sand Separator Installation, Operation and Maintenance Guide

Media Filters

ISM-Series (Sand Media Filters)

Multi Media Filters

GAC-Series (Granular Activated Carbon)

IMR-Series (Iron & Manganese Specialty Media)

Media Filtration Systems Chart

Filter Rinse Table

Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate Chart

Manual Filters

IMM-Series (Manual Filters)

IMB-Series (Basket Strainer)

Pump Suction Screens

ISS-Series (Pump Suction Screen)


Auto-EC-2-110V (I+ Series and G+ Series)

Omni 4000E  (Electric Suction Scanning)

Auto-EC-2-E  (E+ Series)

Omni 2000 (Hydraulic Suction Scanning)

Rain Bird OMNI 500 Controller Manual

Automatic Separator Purge Controller Manual

Synergy Controller (Media Filters)

FBC (Automatic Disc Filters)