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C Series

Automatic Coarse Screen Filters

Automatic Coarse Screen FiltersThe Rain Bird C-Series coarse screen filters span the 10-3,000 micron filtration spectrum. The C Series filter is ideal for applications where fine filtration is unnecessary, or the high loading of large particles may require a separate filtration of coarse particles.





As a solution, automatic coarse screen inline Rain Bird filters are available with a stainless steel perforated screen which is cleaned automatically. The housing is constructed of carbon steel, covered internally and externally by a baked-on polyester coating (other materials available upon request). The filter's internals are easily accessed by a removable bolted cover, allowing for ease of service and maintenance. All wetted parts are constructed of non-corrosive metals, allowing for extended service life.

The state of the art PC-board-based, electrical and battery operated OMNI500 control system provides perfect rinse cycle activation using differential pressure, time cycle or volumetric flow.

During normal operation, the dirty water enters the inlet and travels to the concave surface of the perforated screen. The flow is longitudinal, trapping the large particles on the surface of the perforated screen. The water then exits the filter through the outlet. The screen rinse cycle initiation is accomplished by engaging a solenoid valve which controls the diaphragm valve located opposit of the filter cover. When the solenoid valve is triggered, the top portion of the diaphragm valve drains, causing the valve to open. When the valve opens, a portion of the water flows back through the screen, lifting the solids off. At the same time, a portion of the water flows from the inlet of the filter and out to be drained, carrying the accumulated solids with it.

Available Models
Model # A
Flush Valve
Max Flow Rate
IMC-04-I 26.00 15.00 20.30 4 10 2 450
IMC-06-I 31.30 19.50 23.00 6 12 3 900
IMC-08-I 31.30 19.50 23.00 8 12 3 1360
IMC-10-I 37.40 21.30 25.80 10 14 3 1850
IMC-12-I 37.40 21.30 25.80 12 14 3 2750
IMC-14-I 43.30 25.00 30.00 14 18 3 4100
IMC-16-I 43.30 25.00 30.00 16 18 3 5000