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IMM Series

Manual Filter

Protect Valuable Equipment With Cost Effective Filtration For Any System

Rain Bird's line of IMM-Series Manual Filters offer a solution for those systems with big operating problems but small operating budgets. Available in 1” to 8” line sizes, the filters are capable of handling flows up to 1320 gpm. Constructed of carbon steel and coated with extra durable polyester, electrostatically applied (and oven cured) on a zinc phosphate layer, the filters are designed with durability in mind. The screen is available in sizes down to 72 micron/200 mesh, allowing the unit to be used in a variety of applications.


Low Cost
No Moving Parts
Screens Down to 72 Micron

How It Works

Dirty water enters the inlet (1) and passes through the screen (2) to the outlet (3). Unwanted particles accumulate on the outside surface of the screen. A manual backwash cycle is activated by opening the rinse valve (4) to drain. A portion of the water travels back through the screen, dislodging the particles. At the same time, a flow is induced across the surface of the screen, carrying the particles to drain. The screen can also be accessed for manual cleaning by removing the cover (5).

Available Models

 Model No.   Pipe Size
 Flow Rate
 IMM-010-I    1*    4    9-3/4    12-1/2    12    35  
 IMM-015-I    1-1/2*    4    13-1/4    14-1/2    15    65  
 IMM-020-I    2*    6    18-1/2    18    33    110  
 IMM-030-I    3**    6    22    20-1/2    60    175  
 IMM-040-I    4**    8    27    24-1/2    92    350  
 IMM-060-I    6**    12    35    27    159    660  
 IMM-080-I    8**    12    43    31    200    1320  

* Threaded ** Flanged
NOTE: Multiple filters can be installed in parallel to handle higher flow rates.

Installation Guidelines

  • Filter must be installed horizontally with body pointing upwards and drain valve pointing down.
  • Filter must be installed in the proper flow direction as indicated by the arrows on the housing.
  • For ease of maintenance, install filter with inlet and outlet isolation valves.
  • Be sure to leave sufficient space around the filter for screen removal and maintenance.
  • For best results, operation with a clean screen pressure drop of 4 psi or less is recommended.
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 125 psig; Maximum Fluid Temperature: 140°F.

Maintenance Procedures


  • To clean the filter, open the drain valve located at the bottom of the housing for 10-30 seconds.
  • Close valve and check if the differential pressure has recovered. If not, repeat procedure.
  • Perform flushing every two weeks or when differential reaches 15 psi.


  • Close inlet and outlet isolation valves.
  • Open drain valve to release pressure and drain filter.
  • Open cover and gently remove filter screen.
  • Rinse screen thoroughly with clean water. If necessary, use a soft bristle brush to dislodge particles from the screen. CAUTION: A WIRE BRUSH WILL DAMAGE THE SCREEN. If the bristle brush fails to remove the particulates, the screen can be immersed in a mild acid/alkaline solution for a short period of time. Rinse thoroughly prior to reinstallation.
  • After cleaning, check to ensure that screen is intact.
  • Ensure that inner seal is positioned with the notch adjacent to the drain valve.
  • Replace screen in housing, ensuring that top of screen is level with the top of the housing.
  • Replace cover gasket, cover and handle and tighten securely.


  • Yearly: Apply a layer of grease to the threads of the handle.
  • As necessary: Repair damage to the protective coating of the housing promptly.